Distance is not a Barrier for God

Distance is not a Barrier for God
October 15, 2015 fgag.admin

My brother Ragul who is just 25 years old works in Norway where he lives all alone for the past three years now. Initially, when he joined he was doing fine, during the first two years two years. However this year when he came for his vacation he was so depressed and just could not concentrate on anything, was so negative in his speech and he wanted to come back to India once for all. His loneliness started to discourage him. He also mentioned that he wanted to commit suicide. My family members were in tears.

I regularly attend the Friday prayer. I told my family about the miracles that happen in when people pray. We decided to fast and pray for him on Friday. Pastor Paul while praying said, “Whatever evil is in the body, come out in the name of JESUS!”

I called him and told him what you prayed and he fainted where he was and then he called me back and said a miracle had happened to him and that he is absolutely fine. He said he wanted to live and to share his testimony. This could only be the work of my JESUS THE ALMIGHTY.THERE IS NO ELSE LIKE OUR JESUS.



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