Liver Restored

Liver Restored
October 15, 2015 fgag.admin

I got selected in one of the largest MNC in the world which gave me a 200 percentage of hike on my previous company salary and my joining date was even confirmed. On 1st September, I underwent the medical check-up held by the company for the employment process. After a few days, I got a report stating that I was unfit to work.  So I asked for the exact reason for rejecting me, and they told me that I had an abnormal Liver Function.

Although this upset me, I kept coming to the Friday prayer along with my sister and I believed that God will give me that job. I requested the HR to give me time for 10 days during when I will see a doctor. But when I went to my family doctor, he told me to take medicines and follow a diet for 45 days and then to do the test as this will take some time to cure. But I believed in God and took the tests exactly after 10 days and sent it to the HR and the doctor.

After some time the same doctor who said that I have abnormal Liver Function called me and said, “you have cleared the reports and can be considered for employment in the company”. Praise be to the miracle working God, whose power never fails and who never lets us down.



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