Natural Conception!

Natural Conception!
February 18, 2016 fgag.admin
I wanted to share a miracle God did to me and my family this Christmas.
We were married for 7.5 years and had no kids, we had visited multiple hospitals and our only option was IVF or ICSI, we were asked to adopt by a doctor in CMC as well. We wanted God to do a miracle for us to be a testimony and always believed in natural conception.
We did a test this month forced by family only to realize she was 12 weeks pregnant already, No medicine, no treatment, God just made it happen. Had the privilege to see the kid on the same day first scan itself, All Glory to God. What God did was amazing to our eyes, we had a fall from the bike just a week back while returning from Church, He protected us and the kid which at that time we were not aware of.
Now she is 16 weeks, Due in June Please pray for us, I am sure this is Gods doing to bring Glory to his name!


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