Other Ministries

Celebration Ministry

Our Celebration Ministry is in place to make sure our members are celebrated on their special day. Whether it is your Birthday or Anniversary, our team makes sure your local Pastor or Elder comes to visit and pray with you on your special occasion!

Tailoring Classes

Economically backward, with no money nor the ability to stand on their own feet many women are provided training in tailoring and on completion are given certificates that enable them to find jobs in many garment factories. Around 160 of them have availed this facility already and have found good jobs.

Hospital Visitation

Are you or a loved one admitted into the hospital? Please contact out hospital visitation team to come and visit. Our team will come and encourage you in your time of need, worship with you, pray for you, and share the Word of God with you.

Bereavement Ministry

The loss of a loved one can be one of the most challenging times in our lives. You dont have to suffer alone, contact our bereavement team. They can assist you with funeral arrangements, and come pray with you and bring encouragement into your home.

Widows Ministry

A rare ministry, led by Pastor Susheela Yeshupadam, that understands the pain and estrangement that widows experience at home and in society and gives them a feeling of acceptance and appreciation in an environment of Christian love and hope. A ministry that takes them out into the world with the hope that comes from Christ burning bright in them. Around 50 widows with no means of support have been provided with a stove and essential vessels to cook and sell a variety of dishes for their livelihood. Every Friday afternoon 150 widows meet in the Church to worship God, to pray for each other and to study the Word of God. After their meeting they are provided lunch.