• Natural Conception!

    I wanted to share a miracle God did to me and my family this Christmas. We were married for 7.5 years and had no kids, we had visited multiple hospitals and our only option was IVF or ICSI, we were asked to adopt by a doctor in CMC as well. We wanted God to do a miracle for us to

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  • Miracle Marriage Proposal and Salary Increment

    I want to give glory to God for the great things He has done in my life ever since I started attending the Friday prayer. It has been a great blessing for both my mother and me. We attend every Friday and enjoy the presence of God and just soak in it. We have been greatly blessed after we started

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  • Healed from Neuralgia

    I had been suffering from neuralgia for the past seven years in my right and left arms. This was purely due to medical negligence because when I was pregnant I was given seven haemoglobin injections on my right and left arm without dilution and I developed thrombophlebitis (blood clots in veins).  I could not even bend my arms.  I am a medical

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  • God Healed My Mother

    My mother turned 85 just last week. She had urinary blockage causing her left kidney to swell.  Doctors had recommended surgery because the bladder was not emptying completely but they were hesitant to put her under general anaesthesia due to her age. We just came for Friday prayer and God did the surgery and she is completely healed. For over 30

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  • Liver Restored

    I got selected in one of the largest MNC in the world which gave me a 200 percentage of hike on my previous company salary and my joining date was even confirmed. On 1st September, I underwent the medical check-up held by the company for the employment process. After a few days, I got a report stating that I was

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  • Distance is not a Barrier for God

    My brother Ragul who is just 25 years old works in Norway where he lives all alone for the past three years now. Initially, when he joined he was doing fine, during the first two years two years. However this year when he came for his vacation he was so depressed and just could not concentrate on anything, was so

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